Thursday, 7 April 2011

Poster Progress

We showed this poster to a number of  poople and asked for feedback, below is the list of comment we revieved:

  • Liked the bench feature as it is shows the 2 lives.
  • Reflects the plot of our film really well.
  • Like the suttle image of the train station in the background as it shows that it is an important scene in our film.
  • Like how the background isnt white of plain the train station makes it look much more interesting. 
  • Liked how the bench was at the foreground as it makes it stand out and it is the main focus of the poster.
  • Good font used for 'Intersection'
  • The hairline of the image of the actor on the left needs to be edited more as it looks poor.
  • Maybe remove the black colouring behind title
  • Maybe devide the page down the middle to show the seperate lives.
Its good to see that most of the feedback from our poster is positive and that people think that it reflects the storyline really well and the the train in the background doesnt take the main focus away from the protagonist on the bench. We have taken the negative feedback into consideration. We agree that the image on the left does need to be edited more and therefore this will be our next step.

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