Monday, 8 November 2010

Weather for beach scene

Now we are ready to start filming, our first filming date is Wednesday 10th November. Our filming location is at the beach are filming a short scene of Lucas and Grace. By looking at the weather on the internet we know that the conditions are good for filming. We are also able to tell our actors the day and time we are filming.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


This is a draft of our ancillary task. We have decided to do a poster that shows the audience a little bit about the film. The poster is important as it helps market the film and show the audience when its coming and who is in it. We have decided to show the male character looking at the two train tracks this shows the two choices in the film. Across the top of the poster is our production name, our film name and our tag line that reads ' Sometimes its the smallest decissions that can change your life forever'.

We made our poster in Adobe Photoshop so we were able to layer pictures and change the opacity to make different parts of the image stand out. We found these images on the internet. As this is just our first draft we know we have many things to improve such as the background, for this draft we decided to put a picture of a train to fill up the white space between the text and image of the man we have decided it looks to busy and when we do our final poster we are going to make our male character bigger to fill up the gap also the male character will be looking forward and will be more of a silhouette.

Film Name

As a group we discussed names for our film, we decided we wanted a name that was relevant to the concept of our film. We wanted the name to relate to choices and decisions and therefore translated decisions into Latin which came up as 'sentential',' judicium', 'iudicium' this seemed to magical and portrayed the wrong genre for our short film. We then came across the word 'intersection' which means; a point where lines intersect or a junction where one street or road crosses another which is relevant to the train lines crossing. As a group we all agreed to the name Intersection as its memorable and connotes the right genre for our film


The costumes are important as they show the audience more about the characters.
Lucas's Costumes:
  • Casual Outfit: This is a picture of Lucas in his casual outfit; this was taken on our first filming day where we filmed Lucas and Grace and the beach.

  • Will you marry me T-Shirt
  • Suit
Grace's Costumes:
  • Casual Outfit: This is a picture of Grace taken at the beach on the first day of filming she is in casual clothes. Graces costumes through out the short film are casual.


In our short film we have two characters who are in their 20's. Lucas who is being played by Jack Reynalds and Grace who is being played by Aimee Richardson.

Lucas is the main character in our short film he has two different personalities because we follow him in two different lives. In one life he is married and happy and in the other life he is rich and has a good job but he is lonely and sad. Grace is conveyed as a happy person, Grace is the reason for Lucas's happy life.


We have many small clips of different locations in our short film to help move on time and show Lucas's and Grace's relationship growing; the locations are the beach, the forest, a restraunt and a park . however the main location in our film is a train station this is where our film starts and finishes. Our other filming locations consist of a big house and a regular sized house to show the two different paths. We will also film at an office to show Lucas is a businessman .
The Beach Location

The Train Station



Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Shooting Script

Shot description
Audio and dialogue
Sweeping panning shot through the crowded train station and establishing shot to show Lucas walking onto the train platform.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Point of view shot from Lucas’ perspective as he moves through the crowd.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Shot of Lucas’s feet running through the crowd, in fear he will miss the train.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Mid shot of Grace walking along on train platform. Grace’s face in focus, whilst everything else is out of focus, signifying her importance.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Over the shoulder shot of Lucas looking out into the crowd.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Slow motion shot of the clock hand’s moving, emphasising its importance.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Long shot of an empty train track, with the train approaching in the distance.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Long shot of Lucas rushing through the crowd as the train pulls up.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Close up of the train pulling up.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Grace rushes forward and slips as her papers and bags go flying – match on action and slow motion. 
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Close up of Lucas’ reaction to Grace falling.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Point of view pan between train and Grace on the floor, indicating how Lucas has a decision to make.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Shot of Lucas on train platform, cuts to 2 ghost shots, one where he walks towards Grace and the other where he walks towards the train – representing the 2 different paths.  
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Close up of shaky hand, representing a job interview.
Non-diegetic music.
Establishing shot of Grace and Lucas at a romantic meal.
Non-diegetic music.
Mid-shot of Lucas on the phone in his office.
Non-diegetic music.
Establishing shot of Grace and Lucas on the beach together.
Non-diegetic music.
Shot of Lucas stressed out at work – unhappy.
Non-diegetic music.
Shot of Lucas proposing to Grace – happy.
Non-diegetic music.
Shot of Lucas in his mansion all on his own.
Non-diegetic music.
Shot of Lucas and Grace buying their first house together.
Non-diegetic music.
Split screen to show Lucas opening a letter in both lives.
Non-diegetic music.
Long shot of Lucas opening letter in his mansion all alone with no one to celebrate with. Long shot of Lucas opening letter with his wife. – Split Screen – contrasting the two lives.
Non-diegetic music.
Rewind time, back to Lucas standing on the train platform.
Non-diegetic music.
Close up of Lucas’ foot as he walks off - audience are left to wonder what path he has taken.
Non-diegetic music.


Mood Board

The aim of our mood board is to put across the emotions, ideas and genre of our fantasy drama. We found images from the internet and magazines to convey both the emotion of happiness and the emotion of loneliness.

As the genre of our film is a fantasy drama about a man who has to make a choice which will change his life we have chosen pictures which show the result of his choice. On the left side of the mood board we have picture of families and relationships this helps convey the emotions love and happiness; this life will be the result of the man helping a lady that falls over and the right side of the mood board has pictures that convey wealth and loneliness. In the middle of the mood board are the pictures that represent his choice such as the train.

Overall, i think that our mood board creates the right audience and emotions for our 5 minute short film

Analysis Of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors is a 1998 film; it is a romantic comedy. The film is based around the main character Helen, played by Gwyneth Paltrow; the narrative film follows her on two different paths of her life. The plot splits into two parallel universes and shows the two possible path Helen could take depending on whether she catches a London Underground train or not.

Sliding Doors is the most relevant film to our concept as it explores a double narrative and the protagonist in both Sliding Doors and our film are faced with some very important decision making. Also we would like to set the location of the point where our protagonist has to make the decision at a train station (similar location to Sliding Doors) where he will be faced with the decision of either helping the lady up or getting on his train.

To distinguish the two different lives in Sliding Doors there is a sound effect used at the point where the mains characters life changes. Even though the two lives aren’t completely different we see certain parts of it that are; such as when  Helen catches the train she later on catches her boyfriend having an affair but when she doesn’t catch the train she continues to live her life with her unfaithful boyfriend. This parallel narrative is similar to the concept of our short film because depending on whether he chooses to help the lady or get on the train results in whether he has a happy life or not.

Below is the poster for Sliding Doors this is another feature we have looked at is the poster of Sliding doors, as we are creating a poster is one of our ancillary tasks. This poster of very effective, as it shows the 2 different paths of life that the main character Helen could lead, one at the top of the poster where she her hair is dyed and she is wearing makeup making her look very glamorous and the other upside down at the bottom of the poster where she looks more natural. When it comes to producing our poster we may decide to do something similar with the two lives however we wouldn’t be able to use someone face to sell the film like Sliding Doors. As our actors won’t be recognised by a wide audience unlike Gwyneth Paltrow.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Our Ancillary Tasks

We were given a choice of three ancillary tasks; a poster, a film magazine review and a radio trailer. For our ancillary tasks we have decided to do a poster and a radio trailer this is because we feel that if we were to do both the poster and magazine review we are using similar skills as they are similar tasks and there for by doing a poster and a radio trailer we are exploring with different mediums.

Our Concept

The genre of our film is drama with a few fantasy elements. Our short film is based around one main character called Lucas who is in his mid 20′s. He finds himself in a position where he is able to choose his path in life, however this choice will affect his life in many ways. He chooses his path by getting on a choice of trains, one train will lead him to a life of success and wealthiness but yet he is alone and miserable and the other train leading to a life where he has a family and a happy life.

We will flash forward to show the two paths. Path one; a woman falls over Lucas chooses not to help her and just gets on his train, making it to his interview on time and getting his dream job this result to him buying a big house and a new car. One day he gets a letter through the post and opens it to find its bonus or promotion from work and he has no one to celebrate with. Path two; a woman falls over and this time Lucas helps her however he misses the job interview he bumps into the same women on the way back from the interview they get talking. This woman is called Grace later on in their life Lucas and Grace get married; we see them living together in an average family home looking at baby scan pictures with big smiles on their faces.

We then flash back to Lucas at the train station where he is left with a big decision to make; which path will he choose?


For our A2 media course, we were given a list of things we could do for the course; originally  Honour, Sophie and I decided we were going to make a trailer for a mystery film where a young girl is kidnapped; however when we were planning our idea we realised we were going to need a wide range of characters in the trailer to help create a good verisimilitude, therefore we have changed our idea to producing a short film this way we will be able to fous more on fewer characters and location and produce a short film that is realistic. In our AS we produced a two-minute opening for a children’s film so we have decided to choose a different genre for A2.