Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ancillary Task 2 - Film Review

We decided to do a film review as our second ancillary task. Our review has been created in Microsoft Publisher and has been written in the style of an 'Empire' film review insluding the following subheadings; Plot Review and Verdict.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Ancillary Task 1 - Poster

This is the final edit of our poster we changed the hairline slightly we agree is does look loads better. We have shown this edit to our audience they also agree that this poster works better. I am really please with the final outcome i think the poster looks professional and conveys our film really well. The pictures and font work well together the use of the black border behind the texts helps to really highlight the title 'Intersection' making it easy to read at a quick glimpse. 

Poster Progress

We showed this poster to a number of  poople and asked for feedback, below is the list of comment we revieved:

  • Liked the bench feature as it is shows the 2 lives.
  • Reflects the plot of our film really well.
  • Like the suttle image of the train station in the background as it shows that it is an important scene in our film.
  • Like how the background isnt white of plain the train station makes it look much more interesting. 
  • Liked how the bench was at the foreground as it makes it stand out and it is the main focus of the poster.
  • Good font used for 'Intersection'
  • The hairline of the image of the actor on the left needs to be edited more as it looks poor.
  • Maybe remove the black colouring behind title
  • Maybe devide the page down the middle to show the seperate lives.
Its good to see that most of the feedback from our poster is positive and that people think that it reflects the storyline really well and the the train in the background doesnt take the main focus away from the protagonist on the bench. We have taken the negative feedback into consideration. We agree that the image on the left does need to be edited more and therefore this will be our next step.

Working On Our Poster

Last Day Of Filming

We have decided to reshoot part of the train station scene on Sunday. After all of the problems we have faced with this section we have planned each of ourshots we need in great detail and therefore we hope that once we watchedour footage back we would have captured all the footage we need.

The only problem we may face with this scene is the dialogue because the last few times we filmed at the train station we found that the noise of the train was over powering and we were unable to hear our non-diegetic sound. As we have filmed extra scenes that will be arranged before the train station we have decided the train station scene doesnt have to be as long and we do not need as much dialogue as we had origionally planned.

Once this scene has been reshot all our filming wll be completed and we can concentrate on editing our short film, as a group we will also make diegetic music to play alongside our footage' as we dont have much dialogue in our film the music is a big part and will help to reflect the mood of our film.