Monday, 28 February 2011

Ananlysis Of Proposal Footage

We captured the footage for our proposal scene on Friday and the opening card scene for the family orientated life. Once we watched our footage back we realised that it was successful and therefore we have finished filming our family orientated life. We now have all our successful life footage to film and certain parts of the train station scene.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Costumes and Props For Filming

Lucas's Costume ( Family Orientated Life)

This is the T- Shirt warn by Lucas for the proposal scene we wanted this scene to be quite original and therefore we thought of a different way fr Lucas to propose to Grace. We made this T-Shirt and decided the proposal scene would be filmed by Lucas revealing this T-Shirt which has 'Will you marry me?' printed on the front.

 These are the two card we are using to show the two separate paths. The card are very similar except for the writing, in the successful life the card says from mum to show that he is lonely and hasn't got friends where as in the family life we show that Lucas and Grace are expecting a baby and the card is from friends.

Card (Successful Life)

Card (Family Life)



Complications with filming

Throughout filming we have been faced with a number of complications. Our most recent complication is that whilst we were filming at the train station we were asked to leave by the duty manager because he believed we were press and not media students; due to this we have been set back again in our filming schedule.Therefore we have sent a letter asking permission to film at the train station. We hope to hear from them soon so we are able to continue our filming at the train station and complete this section.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Analysis Of Indoor Scene Footage

We managed to capture the footage we needed for our indoor scenes yesterday we captured around 30 minutes of footage however we are only intend to use about 2 minutes of it. We captured much more footage then we actually need because we shot the same scenes a number of times but from a variety of angles so that when it comes to editing the footage together we have a wide range of footge to choose from. Also just before we captured the footage for these scenes we scripted some dialogue so that the conversation flowed however after reviewing the footage back its not as clear and loud as we hoped and therefore we have decided whether we will keep the diegetic sound. If we choose to get rid of the diegetic sound our other option is to have a montage of shots with relevant non-diegetic music dubbed over; this may be more effective.We will make the final decision when we edit the footage together.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Filming Our Indoor Scenes

We are planning to film the rest of our family orientated life tomorrow night. We are planning to capture footage for the romantic meal scene, sofa scene and the argument scene. We decided to include an argument scene as we think by showing the negative side of the successful like with Lucas stressed out at work as well as being lone, we felt it would be fair to connote the negative aspects of a relationship.

As all these scene are at the same location; one of our houses we have planned to film them all on the same evening as it is convenient. We shouldn't be faced with any problems as it is inside and therefore we will not be affected by the weather.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Analysis Of Our Footage From The Weekend

At the weekend we filmed part of our short film, however we didnt manage ro film as much as we intended to because members of our production had other important comitments. We managed to keep on schedule up untill 2pm capturing  the train station scene, beach scene and dog walking scene.The weather on sunday was great for filming and therefore our outdoor scenes were successful. We knew that we may have some difficulties filming at the train station as its a public area and our longest scene.

As we were faced with a few problems we may decide to re shoot certain parts of the train scene. The first problem we were faced with was when a member of the public ruined a clip of Lucas stepping of the train by waving at the camera; this clip was hard to capture anyway as the trains didnt come very often.Another problem we came across was that in our planning stage we had planned for the platform to be busy and therefore capture footage of Lucas weaving through people; however when we got to the platform it was much quieter therefore we were unable to capture certain shots. The last problem we were faced with was that the sound of the trains overpowered our dialogue and therefore we are going to have to record the sound and dub it over.