Friday, 7 January 2011

Plans For Filming This Weekend

We are planning to film a large section of our short film this weekend below is a table of our planned schedule. We have looked at the weather for Sunday it is expected to be sunny therefore we have planned to get most of out outdoor scenes done first. We have scheduled more time for the train station scene as this is our largest scnene; also by this will make sure we arent rushed and that we are able to get enough footage with a variety of shots in the time scale.

Characters Needed
8am – 12pm
Train station scene
Lucas and Grace
12pm- 1pm
Beach Scene
Lucas and Grace
1pm – 2pm
Dog walk scene
Lucas and Grace
2pm – 3pm
Romantic meal scene
Lucas and Grace
3pm – 4pm
Sofa scene
Lucas and Grace
4pm – 5pm
Argument scene
Lucas and Grace
5pm – 6pm
Opening the letter
Lucas and Grace
6pm – 7pm
Pub scene
Lucas and Grace

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Our New Actor

As our previous actor wasn't very reliable we had to re-cast a new actor to play the part of Lucas. We needed to find someone quickly as we were already behind schedule.Our new actor is Sam Keep a good friend of our actress Aimee Richardson this is good as we know they will have good on screen chemistry; this will help create a good verisimilitude.

Grace and Lucas in casual/family life

Our new actor in the role of Lucas in casual/family life

Our new actor in the role of Lucas in his successful life

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Complications In Filming

We had arranged to have completed all our filming by now as we were hoping to capture all our footage over the Christmas holiday however our main actor was unreliable and unable to film on the dates we had agreed. Therefore we have now found a replacement who we think will be suitable for the part and more committed to the filming schedule.
As we have a new actor we have to reshoot all our previous scenes; this has behind schedule however we have planned our filming dates and we hope to capture all our footage by the beginning of February 2011.